Saturday, October 31, 2009

Refashioning fun!

My way cute, and fun sis-in-law came up and spent the day with me for some refashioning fun. She brought her box of clothes that could be cut up and a bag of clothes that she wanted done up! It's kind of funny, when I am doing these shirts for myself they take me like 20 minutes. When they are for someone else I freak out and it takes me way longer!!! But we were able to make a cute white long sleeve with a ruffle necklace (I never got a pic of that one!!) and then this cashmere sweater. It had little holes around her neck so she could never really wear it. So we added some satin and a flower pin and it is as good as new. I love redoing clothes! I feel like I have just gotten home from a shopping trip, minus the buyers remorse!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you would have asked me a year ago...

OK if any of you would have asked me a year ago if I ever thought that I would EVER make my daughters Levis I would probably answer


For several reasons:

One: I have no idea how
Two: Aren't homemade jeans hideous???
Three: Wouldn't it be way cheaper and way easier to just go buy some???

Well I did it! Madi HATES wearing jeans. She thinks they are to tight on her waist So I had this brilliant idea that I needed to make her some ruffle jeans. (she loves her ruffle pants because they are so comfy!) So I found some denim on sale. For $5.00 I got enough fabric to make her a pair and of course my little meezers a pair too. And I think they are adorable! Maybe I'm weird, maybe my sewing eye is skewered because I am the one who made them, I don't know! But she loved them and I love them so I guess that is all that matters.

So now...

one: Now I know how

two: I think they are HOT!

three: $5.00 for two pairs of jeans is totally worth my time!

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Last minute Halloween treats!

Need a treat for that Halloween party tonight or tomorrow night? Try these witches hat cookies. SO fast, easy, and festive! You need chocolate cookies, some bright colored frosting, and a chocolate kiss.

Creep out the kiddies with a little feeling action! Let their imaginations soar as they feel "frog guts" and the "Eye of Newt" (Thanks Barb!!) I did this and used spaghetti for the guts I put rice and oil on my noodles, I also used banana peels for monkey tongues with oil and sprinkles to add texture, and then mushed up bananas as brains.

And Lastly Make a little mummy as a treat from the mommy! Use old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut them up I got about 3 mummy's to a toilet paper roll. I cut strips from an old white sheet and Matt and I sat up watching TV and gluing strips to rolls!! Don't forget the eyes and of course a little treat! Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


That's me growling!! I can't upload any pictures onto my computer, and it is very irritating. SO for now we have a question. We bought a new pattern yesterday that I am excited to try. It's from Retro Mae. I think it will be way cute for my little Mia and she will for sure have one by next week, But what do you guys think???? Are ponchos cute??? Mama D is not quite sure what she thinks. I think they will be a hit. Give me some feed back!

PS we have a cute skirt tutorial on it's way and also a shoe refashion???? interesting!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peace Shirt.

I made this shirt a while ago for my daughter and I had taken pictures along the way just in case I wanted to do a tutorial. So here it is. This can be done for any kind of shape my baby just really wanted a peace shirt. So......

1. Pick a shirt! Any shirt!

2. Pick a shape, Like I said we chose a peace sign. So I went to the computer and printed off a peace sign the size that I wanted.
3. Next I cut out our sign and then got some Iron on Paper and traced my Peace sign to the paper.

3. Then I Ironed my fabric to the Iron on paper.

4. Cut out the shape...

5. Place the shape on your shirt where you want it to be and then iron that baby to the shirt. With this particular shirt I was just kind of starting and I left it at that, now when I am doing shirts or onesies I like to sew along the edges not only for extra strength but also I like the look of the colored stitch.

6. This step is totally optional. I felt like the shirt needed something. So I decided to sew in the word PEACE but as I started to sew I noticed my stitch and handwriting wasn't that pretty! So I went to the trusty old computer again and printed out the word in a size and font that I liked and then I taped the word to the shirt and I stitched directly on top of the printed letters. I used a pink embroidery floss, I wanted the stitch to be thick and to stand out. When I was finished I CAREFULLY ripped the paper off. If you rip to hard or to fast the stitch could come loose.

7. Again another totally optional step. I had this trim that Madi loved. She wanted it somewhere on the shirt. So we cut off her sleeves and sewed this trim all round her arm holes. I am not going to lie I LOVE this trim but I hated the look of the sleeves. I think I cut the sleeves too short or something it just didn't look quite right. And then wala! You are done. I love that with this project (as with all I am finding!) There is no wrong way to do it. You can add or take off anything that you like it is simply yours!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok top 5, They are in the mail!!

All right, for our kick off of follower of the month our first 5 followers have their head bands in the mail! We love these head bands! They are so cute and fun and so different from all of your other head bands! We love that they work for your little girls in the house and for the Mom as well! I wear these all of the time, and a few of my neighbors (uuhhmmm linds and Kristie uuhhmmmm) do too and they look adorable!!! SO if you want to buy one you can go here and get one for $5.00 or you can go to my aunt bobbity boo's shop and she has little kits made up for $5.00 with everything you need to make one yourself.

I am kind of hoping that you are feeling that sewing bug that we have been bitten by and that you just want to give it a try your self. If that is the case Aunt Bobbi has has put togetehr a great tutorial on these easy little babies. Click here and it will take you to her blog and a step by step tutorial to show you exactly how to make these fun EASY Quick headbands! Let us know if you do try one we would love to see it! And you followers who are getting one in the mail send us pics! We would love to feature you!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alot better on then off!

See it's kind of cute on!! I think we need to work on her modeling skills!

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Marked Down!

SCRATCH THAT!! Both skirts just sold. But if you are dying to have one. We will take orders up until this weekend. Skirts will still be $10.oo

Halloween is getting closer, and we have 2 skirts left!! So we need to sell sell sell!!! We have a ric rack skirt and a tulle skirt left both have been marked down to $10.00 until tomorrow night at midnight. After that the Halloween skirts are GONE! Both skirts are sized with an elastic band so they will fit 3-5 yr old. They are both about 12 inches long. Halloween bow ties are also on sale for $5.00! So Here is you chance if you want to purchase go here!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hmmm... I tried

I had this "great" idea... I wanted to make a coat for Moo. I ran across this 99 cent men's jacket and thought.... well I could try it. If it doesn't work I am only out a buck right?? So I took it home and went to town. But you know when you have these ideas and you can imagine it perfectly??? Well mine didn't really come out the way I visualized. It's cute and worth the buck, but just not what I was hoping. This picture doesn't give it justice it looks all crooked it really is way cute on Moo I just need to capture her in a picture to prove it. Funny the longest part for me was deciding on the dang buttons and which ones to use and I still can't say that I love those!! Hmmm maybe next time!

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We have 3 followers!!

Dear Followers, this is a test if you are still following please send me your address something special is coming in the mail!! Surprise goes to the first 5 followers! Only one spot left!

PS I have 2 AWESOME!! Projects on the way! I just need to finish them up!

PSS Mama D and I have just been talking and we have another idea (oh yes another one!) Each month we are going to do follower of the month. We will randomly pick a follower and that follower will get a free item in the mail. That's right just for following, each month you have a chance to win something cool from our etsy shop! Only rules are that if you win you have to fill out our spotlight questionnaire. So if you too are crafty we will spotlight you, or if you are just one cool dude or chick and don't have anything to really advertise we will still spotlight ya and send you a gift! Kind of fun right???? So anyways follow now, and see what's coming!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This one is fun!

Ok So I have told you a 1000 times to go to Have you gone yet??? Well she is the brains behind this idea of mine. Imagine this, it's a lovely Saturday afternoon, the gals are all getting ready for a girl's night out. HHHMMMM what to wear what to wear. Then I thought, Well I have been wanting to refashion that white shirt. KA-CHING 20 minutes later I have got a new cute shirt!! Which I got compliments on all night! Total cost $3.00 ( I had just bought this long sleeve at Target on clearance)
Take a shirt, any shirt will do!
Then I took another knit shirt that had a huge stain on the front. I cut off the sleeves and then cut about 2 inch strips. From the sleeves. Go to your sewing machine and sew a gathering stitch right down the middle of your strips.
Gather your ruffles and then pin them to your shirt where you want. Sew those ruffles to your shirt and BAM!! You have got a new shirt!! Love it!
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