Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peace Shirt.

I made this shirt a while ago for my daughter and I had taken pictures along the way just in case I wanted to do a tutorial. So here it is. This can be done for any kind of shape my baby just really wanted a peace shirt. So......

1. Pick a shirt! Any shirt!

2. Pick a shape, Like I said we chose a peace sign. So I went to the computer and printed off a peace sign the size that I wanted.
3. Next I cut out our sign and then got some Iron on Paper and traced my Peace sign to the paper.

3. Then I Ironed my fabric to the Iron on paper.

4. Cut out the shape...

5. Place the shape on your shirt where you want it to be and then iron that baby to the shirt. With this particular shirt I was just kind of starting and I left it at that, now when I am doing shirts or onesies I like to sew along the edges not only for extra strength but also I like the look of the colored stitch.

6. This step is totally optional. I felt like the shirt needed something. So I decided to sew in the word PEACE but as I started to sew I noticed my stitch and handwriting wasn't that pretty! So I went to the trusty old computer again and printed out the word in a size and font that I liked and then I taped the word to the shirt and I stitched directly on top of the printed letters. I used a pink embroidery floss, I wanted the stitch to be thick and to stand out. When I was finished I CAREFULLY ripped the paper off. If you rip to hard or to fast the stitch could come loose.

7. Again another totally optional step. I had this trim that Madi loved. She wanted it somewhere on the shirt. So we cut off her sleeves and sewed this trim all round her arm holes. I am not going to lie I LOVE this trim but I hated the look of the sleeves. I think I cut the sleeves too short or something it just didn't look quite right. And then wala! You are done. I love that with this project (as with all I am finding!) There is no wrong way to do it. You can add or take off anything that you like it is simply yours!

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