Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have 3 followers!!

Dear Followers, this is a test if you are still following please send me your address something special is coming in the mail!! brandiehess@gmail.com Surprise goes to the first 5 followers! Only one spot left!

PS I have 2 AWESOME!! Projects on the way! I just need to finish them up!

PSS Mama D and I have just been talking and we have another idea (oh yes another one!) Each month we are going to do follower of the month. We will randomly pick a follower and that follower will get a free item in the mail. That's right just for following, each month you have a chance to win something cool from our etsy shop! Only rules are that if you win you have to fill out our spotlight questionnaire. So if you too are crafty we will spotlight you, or if you are just one cool dude or chick and don't have anything to really advertise we will still spotlight ya and send you a gift! Kind of fun right???? So anyways follow now, and see what's coming!!


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