Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheapest crib skirt ever

Last year as I was preparing for my newest little Bambino I searched and searched and of course couldn't find bedding cute enough (in my price range! or I guess that I was willing to pay I should say) So I decided to make it. I wanted just simple soft pink. I loved the textured fabric that I used for the bumper pads but I really loved the skirt that I made out of pink tulle. The Tulle was 75cents a yard and I got 7 yards of it. So my whole bedding ended up costing $35.00 and I love it.

To make a crib skirt out of tulle:

*measure out the bottom of your crib, the rectangle part that the mattress will be laying on.

*Grab some fabric, the fabric you use here will not matter because it will never be seen. I used an old white table cloth.

*Cut out a rectangle the size of those measurements. I think I actually took one inch off each of the 4 sides so that you wouldn't see the fabric at all.

* Measure the length that you want your skirt to be. I wanted mine to hit the floor evenly. So I measured from the floor to the bottom of were the mattress will lie.

*Measure the length around the entire crib (or if you don't want a skirt in the back because it will never be seen just the length of the front and the two sides.)

*Tulle is tricky to cut and to sew, it slides all over. But I folded my tulle in half so it would be a little thicker and then I measured the correct height and then went and cut almost three times the length of the crib. The longer you cut the tulle the more full your skirt will be when gathered.

* After the tulle is cut go to your handy dandy sewing machine and sew a gathering stitch along the top. (to sew a gathering stitch you set your stitch length to the longest setting and you just sew across the fabric no back stitching) When your stitch is sewn you grab one piece of thread and pull it this will gather your skirt.

* Take your gathered skirt and pin it all along your rectangle that you already have cut out. Right sides together. This is the tricky part because here is where you want to distribute the gather evenly all over the rectangle so your skirt will be equally full all around.

*Once it is pinned where you want it sew the skirt to the rectangle.

*Walla you are done!

*For my skirt I added some flowers and some ribbons just to cutesy it up, You can't go wrong it's all in the eyes of the beholder!!comment me for help or questions!!



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