Friday, October 16, 2009

A little Secret

I had a friend today call me up and ask me specifics about making a skirt for her little dolly. I tried to explain to her by phone, I hope I helped. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sewing, Did you know that yet? Well it's true. I was so excited that my friend was about to get a taste of something that I think about at least 50% of my day. You see I have found my fishing. My husband has been a fisherman all of his life. He eats drinks and breathes it, If I let him he would quit work move us into a trailer and take us to live by a river. I never understood his obsession until now. Now I have a hobby, that I completely adore. I think it is the satisfaction of making something for my girls at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy and then being able to say, "yep I made it! It was sooooooo easy and you can make one too." So climb aboard the sewing train I ran into this blog today and this awesome Lady has a list of some of the best little girl sewing tutorials out there. Check them out! Get inspired and welcome to my world!! I hope they help! Click HERE (one thing you better send pics to me of your creations!)


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