Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the winner is...

Ok so here is how it works! Ma and I wanted to be 100% fair!! No freebies! We love you all way too much and we didn't want you thinking there was any funny business going on! So we went to to help pick our winner! Instead of paying the money for the name drawing we chose the free one and assigned you each a number. ( are you so nervous! you are about to see who wins!!) PS we wish we had enough time and energy to just sew you all free skirts! another day another time!!and the winner is........ #4 Marissa maxfield!

Yea for Marissa!!! Sad for the rest of you losers!!! Ok Marissa send me an email with what size you want for your little dolly and your address and I will put your skirt in the mail prob Saturday morning! (also which skirt tuelle or ric rac!)


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