Friday, October 16, 2009

TuTu cute

This sweet thing here is one of the main things that started me in all of this sewing stuff! When I was 6 months prego with this doll I decided I needed to make me a car seat cover I made it with success and was a little encouraged. So I thought hey why not a nursing cover. That is when I realized Holy Crap I can sew!!! Why haven't I been doing this!! Anyways, For my little Meezer's first Pics I wanted her to be extra girly so I made her this TuTu! I loved it! These tutus are so simple really even if you have never sewn anything before this is something that you can do. There are tons of tutu tutorials all over the web I can't really say that any are my favorite but here is one that will teach you how, Click Here. Remember I would love to see your creations so send me an email so we can display!!

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