Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's that time of year again where I am just kind of blah about blogging. But I was inspired today to sew and create, I kind of want to put my kids to bed right now at 4:21 and go sew!! But Unfortunately that is not going to happen and I have a yummy dinner planned with some of my best friends tonight so maybe tomorrow???

So a few months ago I got an email from KATIE! LOVE this girl!! Check out her gorgeous smile!

She asked if I was interested in doing a trade with her and of course I jumped all over that. I LOVE trades! Mostly I love getting special packages in the mail! So I was snooping around her blog and realized if we lived by each other we probably would be best friends! SHE IS DARLING! I love all of cute creations that she makes her girls, she is so talented. Also She has a daughter named Mia, (like me) and her nickname is Moo (like my Madi moo!) too funny!!

So I got busy and started up some stuff for her and she got busy and started some stuff for me and days later we spoiled each other!! She sent me the CUTEST hair clips silk flower ones and a way cute felt flower one. And also the cutest Valentines necklace for my girl ever! So cute!

I love Katie's sewing but I am dying over her jewelry right now! Seriously she is a doll go check her out, you won't be disappointed!!

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Blogger Katie said...

WOW! Thanks so much for the kind words, you really know how to make a girl feel good about herself! Of course I completely feel the SAME way about you! And you're right, I just KNOW we'd be the best of friends if we lived close :)

March 8, 2011 at 4:26 PM  

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