Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mia's felt playhouse

Hello bloggers!! Long time no see!! Christmas is over and life is not as crazy so now it's time for me to craft a little bit. But first I had to post how Mia's playhouse turned out. I think I love it more then she does, but it is a lot of fun, her and Mr. Max love to cuddle up inside with their DVD player and hide away from me. So mission accomplished right??? so welcome to Mia's Pet Shop

The flowers come out and are stuffed with pipe cleaner so they are stiff and bendy all in one! The mail box opens and closes so her daily mail and other treats can be delivered. And of course the sign turns to open or closed depending on her mood.

I wanted her house to be very interactive I didn't want to sew a bunch of detail just for it to be stuck there just for looks. SO on this side she gets to learn and play. The turtle's letters come off so she can recognize the letters in her name both in capital and lowercase. The fish are to help her with counting. Behind each number is the correct number of dots so we can match the numbers, and the snakes scales are shapes that come on and off to help learn her shapes.

After her pets have gone to school they of course need to go to the beauty shop and get prettied up so this is the salon. Each pet has Velcro on their ears and neck so she can switch out the hair bows and collars to make her pets oh so pretty!

And then after getting all dolled up why not go for a yummy desert. Mia can choose what her pet feels like between cupcakes, ice cream, and chocolate dipped strawberries!

I loved this project!! way way easy! no seriously so easy!! lots of time and detail but very simple! It was so fun to be creative with it and add my own touches. I wish the whole felt playhouse concept was my idea but I got a lot of my inspiration for the whole thing from miss pretty pretty's etsy shop. The total cost of this project for me was right around $30.00.

Soooo worth it and soo much fun!

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Blogger Katie said...

Oh my gosh, ADORABLE!!!! So cute I could just die. SO much detail...I just don't even think I could tackle something this big. My Mia would LOVE it though!

January 20, 2011 at 11:03 PM  

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