Monday, November 1, 2010

Good bye toy room!

Last year, after some good garage sale hunting my daughter and I made over our toy room! It was so much fun, because this was the toy room who cares how it really turned out right??? I just wanted it to be bright and fun and a place for the kids to just play! I didn't want to spend a fortune because I knew it wouldn't be a toy room for too long and it was a kids room it wouldn't be long before boogers were wiped all over the place milk was spilled. The room served it's purpose wonderfully, but now it is GONE! yep gone! All toys have been moved into the basement because big sis and little sis were just too sick of sharing! (or mom was too sick of the two of them waking each other up!) So now it has been repainted and is awaiting some garage sale finds new furniture and curtains, which I need a little energy to get done! So for now enjoy these pics of our old toy room and look forward to the new bedroom, if I ever get it around to it!

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