Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bottle Cap Fun!

SO I was at my favorite co op store the other day and they had these bottle cap thingys all over the place. They were really cute, and I decided I needed to figure out how to make them. So I kind of did but I am not 100% happy with it yet! Anyways I went to my craft closet and pulled out this gloss glaze stuff I had bought for a previous craft and bam it hit me this stuff would work. So here we go... I made these ones as magnets but I have seen them glued to hair clips, or how cute would they be as paper weights, or glued to the end of a paper clip, I don't know??? What else???

So now that I had the gloss my next, thought was where am I going to get bottle caps? I guess this project is more popular then I knew because Hobby Lobby had them and Ben Franklin, who would have thought??? I thought I was going to be drinking the night away!

PS I bought the gloss from Hobby Lobby forever ago, and this stuff lasts FOREVER!

Next, I looked in my embellishment drawer, yep I have an embellishment drawer! I decide to test it with Halloween brads, I just tore the brad part off of the back. and I cut a circle out in Halloween paper glue them both to the cap, and then put my gloss on top.

 You have to let them dry for like 24 hours and there you go you are done! They are simple and easy!
I tried doing it with stickers, and plain paper too, but the gloss discolors your paper, so I am thinking maybe if you laminated your print first and then glossed it it would maybe work?? I am not sure, but for now I guess I'll just stick to metal or plastic objects!

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