Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is it too late for Valentines?

My daughter loves any and ALL holidays. She thinks she needs to have a new outfit or some kind of party for like every day of the year!! So I know this is kind of old... But these would be great for birthday parties or even St. Patty's day coming up. This year for Valentines me and my little girly girl stayed up late poking holes in gum balls and stringing them up for her class room Valentines. I think they turned out absolutely darling!!! So easy and so fun! I got the idea from tip junkie and when I saw them I knew I would be making them. You can buy gum balls in bulk or by certain colors at different party stores. We lucked out and just raided Grandmas gum ball machine! Easy enough free and free!!!

The boys got blue green and yellow ones and the girls got the girly ones. The arrows were big tootsie roll cupid arrows for my Max man's joy school group.
Nothing like a new skirt from grandma to help celebrate the day of love! The necklace just made the whole outfit right??

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