Friday, April 30, 2010

Winner Winner!

So according to the winner of my Flower Necklace goes to Kami over at Sweet Charli. I actually had the chance to meet Kami at a craft boutique last Saturday and she and her daugher are complete dolls! So Congrats Kami! I'll send you your necklace soon! To all of you who have never been over to Sweet Charli's you should hop on over there now. She and her sister are some pretty crafty chicks! They have all kinds of cute ideas but I just love this quiet monster box! What a cute idea for car rides, airports, church, basically anywhere where you just need the kiddies to be quiet.

Alright that is all I got! Peace Out!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not a fan!

So this wasn't even a planned post, but thought I would share my opinion! For mothers day a couple of years ago I had my kids make my mama and my MIL garden stones with their names and feet print on them. Ever sense then my little Madi has been dying to do one for her own playhouse in our backyard. So this last weekend I saw these kits on sale at Target for $8.00, it said enough for 4 stones and very kid friendly. The kits I had bought for my mom's was a little bit pricier (18.00 but if you use their 40% off only like 11.50 or something.) so I thought this was a great deal. So we pulled the kit out today to make the stones and I was very disappointed!! NOT A FAN!! If you are going to do this project then you have to pay the extra money and get a kit like this one from Hobby Lobby Really it is not that much extra with the coupon and it is well worth it. The Target kit came with one tiny bag of decorations for the stones. Like maybe enough for one stone rather then the 4 it says on the box. It only had one tray in it with a butterfly stencil so we couldn't even do a normal flat one for my boy. The mix dried WAY TOO FAST! You think that would be a good thing but when you are working with kiddies they need a little time to place everything. And I have a feeling that this one might shatter easier as well! The Hobby Lobby one had TONS of tiles, and jewels. In fact I even had some left over that we used with this cheap set. It had two trays, and basically it was just easier and better!! Both mom's loved their garden stones. In fact both still have them in their flower beds so it is a fun, good gift idea for your kids it's just the matter of getting the right kit!
I know some people don't even use kits, I have a friend who does these all on her own and they are so cute! I just needed a quick and easy set! So if you are looking for a short simple garden stone go with a kit!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When my hubby and I were first married we lived in this old old old apartment that sat right on our favortie park. It was by far one of my most favorite places that we have ever lived. We had so much fun in that apartment and I think every piece of furniture that we owned was either given to us or bought at a thrift store. My hubby and I did not have any bedroom furniture and I was feeling crafty at the time so I made one of these door head boards. I was thinking about it tonight and wanted to share it so I googled door headboards just to see if I could find any images and there were a ton! This project was so simple and so much fun. We went to lowes and bought a white door. Looking back now I am sure you could find a door somewhere right??? Ok Maybe not. I decided on red so I painted the door red, sanded the edges, and then wiped it with a brown stain. We then took a 2X4 and nailed it to the top of the door. I stained the 2X4 with the same brown stain and then my hubby mounted it to our wall right above our bed. I loved that bed! It was fun, unique, and cheap. Now I have new bedroom furniture which is beautiful but sometimes I think I want to get rid of it just so I can try and think of another bedroom idea! Crazy huh! Anyways check out these pics! If you want to try one and you have questions let me know! This was really one of my most favorite projects!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Craft Room

I have been told my whole life that I have a one track mind! I am not sure if that is a good thing or not!  But there is some truth in it! I get these ideas and then I just can't seem to get rid of them and I obsess over them for long periods of time until I either get that object or I have moved on to something else bigger and better. Well lately I have been obsessing over finishing a craft room for me in my basement! YES! I NEED ONE! I knew you would all agree. But as I imagine this room of mine in my head I think of all kinds of different spaces. What do you have that you love or hate in your craft room? What would you for sure put in yours? I know mine will have lots and lots of shelving and colors! One day, one day!! For now I guess I will have to drool over all of these ones floating around the internet.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It must be SPRING!

You know when you are just in an etsy browsing mood! Well the other night I was just searching all over etsy just soaking in the creativity there, and I was amazed at how many pillowcase dresses were for sale. But seriously it is the spring and EVERY little girl needs a pillow case dress. This one pictured is one of my first pillowcase dresses that I made almost a year ago, using this tutorial. I could not believe how simple this dress was to make! It is great for beginners. I loved this tutorial because of the elastic in the neck, rther then a draw string. I just feel safer with elastic rather then a draw string!!??!! Maybe I am weird!  Anyways a pillowcase dress is the perfect spring/summer dress, so go get sewing!! The ruffle pants under this dress was made from an old pajama bottom pattern I had and I just added a ruffle to the bottom of each leg.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like you have never seen one of these car seat covers before?

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Where did these silly car seat covers come from? I have seen several shops or blogs claiming that they were the inventors of these handy dandy car seat covers, but really who thought of these??? Anyways when I saw one while I was prego with baby number three I HAD to have one but I couldn't shell out the $45.00 they were asking for it. So I took a mental picture and headed to the fabric store. Depending on the fabric that you choose this project really could be dirt cheap. But heres the tutorial for one, happy sewing!

(note there are probablly 1000's of ways to make this cover, this is the version that I like best!)

1. You will need about a yard and 1/4th of two kinds of fabric for this project. If you are using ribbon instead of fabric for the straps you can get away with only a yard of each fabric.

So first cut your two fabrics into a 35X39 inch rectangle.
the 35 inches are your top and bottom and the 39 inches are your two long sides

2. Keep your two fabrics lying on top of each other and round your corners. I do this by tracing a bowl or a plate on each corner.

3. Embellish it if you would like. You really don't have to I like some of mine plain but some times I just feel like a little ric rack or ribbon.

If you are doing ric rack or ribbon just measure where you want it on your cover and sew it directly on the top or bottom piece whichever you are embellishing. For this cover I wanted to add a big flower so I used my pellon and cut flower petals out and then ironed them directly onto the top of my cover

Then I sewed along the edges of my flower onto the cover and sewed a red button in the center.

4. Now with right sides togetehr sew the top and bottom pieces of your cover together. Sew all the way around but on one of the sides leave about a 4 inch opening.

5. Turn you cover right side out through the 4 inch opening and iron the whole cover. Then I stitch about a half inch all the way around the outside of the cover to give it a finished look and to seal up that 4 inch opening.

6. Now it's time for straps. There are so many ways to do straps. We have done little velcro ones, tie around ones, and tie around ones with ribbon. For this cover I did fabric tie around ones.

Cut 4 strips of fabric 22 inches long and 3 inches wide

Sew two of them right sides together leaving a small opening in the middle, and then do the same for the next two. Turn them right side out and iron.

7. Now measure on the top front 20 inches from the bottom and 12 1/2 inches from the sides. (remember the sides are the 39 inch long side of the cover and the bottom is the 35 inch short side of the cover! I have sewn these on wrong several times!!!)

Then just sew your strap directly onto the cover. We always just sew a rectangle in the very middle and I sew it over and over again just to make sure it is sturdy.
I love these for my own babies but even more for baby gifts! Super fast, super easy, and very cheap!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craftin with Grandma!

So my crafting buddy (my mama) recently moved many miles away from me, (ok maybe just like 35) but still she used to live right around the corner and let me tell you there were many late night projects going on around here!

A couple of weeks ago the hubman was gone fishing so me and the kiddies went and played with grandma. I was working on some of my own projects and the kiddies wanted to make something with grandma. So grandma came up with these cute bracelets. They are pretty simple so here's how it goes...

First: Cut a rectangle about 2 1/2 inches wide and measure your baby's wrist. Make the length of the rectangle about an inch and half longer then his wrist measurement.
Then: She folded about a half inch over on the width end, like the picture, and ironed it down.

Next:  fold it in half length wise and press it again. She then sewed it together like a tube, with right sides together so that your tube is inside out. She left one short end opened and sewed one end up, so she could turn the bracelet right side out.
Turn the bracelet right side out and sew the other short end closed. Then embellish it however you want. We used this iron on beading and iron on diamond strip for my Madi girls. But we also did a button and a batman for my other two kiddies. There really is no wrong way. let your kids get involved and let them choose.
  Last step is to hand stitch your snaps on both ends so that they can wear these. 

I think these are simple and fun! A great way to get your kids involved. Also I was thinking how cute these would be as those little rattle bracelets for babies. Maybe sew a felt heart or something full of beads for the rattles and just attach the heart to the bracelet. I just might have to try one!
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