Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not a fan!

So this wasn't even a planned post, but thought I would share my opinion! For mothers day a couple of years ago I had my kids make my mama and my MIL garden stones with their names and feet print on them. Ever sense then my little Madi has been dying to do one for her own playhouse in our backyard. So this last weekend I saw these kits on sale at Target for $8.00, it said enough for 4 stones and very kid friendly. The kits I had bought for my mom's was a little bit pricier (18.00 but if you use their 40% off only like 11.50 or something.) so I thought this was a great deal. So we pulled the kit out today to make the stones and I was very disappointed!! NOT A FAN!! If you are going to do this project then you have to pay the extra money and get a kit like this one from Hobby Lobby Really it is not that much extra with the coupon and it is well worth it. The Target kit came with one tiny bag of decorations for the stones. Like maybe enough for one stone rather then the 4 it says on the box. It only had one tray in it with a butterfly stencil so we couldn't even do a normal flat one for my boy. The mix dried WAY TOO FAST! You think that would be a good thing but when you are working with kiddies they need a little time to place everything. And I have a feeling that this one might shatter easier as well! The Hobby Lobby one had TONS of tiles, and jewels. In fact I even had some left over that we used with this cheap set. It had two trays, and basically it was just easier and better!! Both mom's loved their garden stones. In fact both still have them in their flower beds so it is a fun, good gift idea for your kids it's just the matter of getting the right kit!
I know some people don't even use kits, I have a friend who does these all on her own and they are so cute! I just needed a quick and easy set! So if you are looking for a short simple garden stone go with a kit!

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