Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maximus The Great!

See this cute little dude! Yes, he's mine!! All MINE! and today he turned 3!!! Holy Cow! I have a big boy! Anyways with his birthday today I have been thinking about party themes... Lets chat shall we??? How do you celebrate your child's birthday? Any fun traditions? Any cool ideas that I NEED to know about so that my child is not missing out? Birthdays have always been pretty special around here, so throwing a party isn't usually something I complain about it, It's actually something I love to do and I have so much fun with it! (kind of funny though because this year little max isn't really having a P-A-R-T-Y) But I still love throwing them! So this post is all about birthday ideas what have you done or seen done that is just mind blowing and something that we all must know about! Either leave a comment with your stories or share a link for us to all visit!!
This was Mr. Max's first Birthday party. You gotta have a toga party if your name is Maximus. TOGA!! TOGA!! TOGA!! We had everyone dress up and we played some olympic games. The winners got an olive branch and gold metals. It was one of my most favorite parties that we have done.

This was my daughter's 5th birthday. She loves to sew, bake, and create kind of like her mama (oh wait I suck at baking!) But she wanted to have a cooking party and bake cupcakes. So we made a bunch of aprons and little chef hats. When the girls got there we made cupcakes,decorated cupcakes,decorated their chef hats, and made homemade icecream in a bag! (here's the recipe) The girl's all loved it! Such a fun memorable party that only costed pennies to put on.

lastly check this girl out! This is a tea party that this awesome mama put on for her daughters and neices! You really need to visit this blog post! All of the little details just really completed this party! It was too cute!

Ok... so what have you got for me?? I want to hear!
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