Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When my hubby and I were first married we lived in this old old old apartment that sat right on our favortie park. It was by far one of my most favorite places that we have ever lived. We had so much fun in that apartment and I think every piece of furniture that we owned was either given to us or bought at a thrift store. My hubby and I did not have any bedroom furniture and I was feeling crafty at the time so I made one of these door head boards. I was thinking about it tonight and wanted to share it so I googled door headboards just to see if I could find any images and there were a ton! This project was so simple and so much fun. We went to lowes and bought a white door. Looking back now I am sure you could find a door somewhere right??? Ok Maybe not. I decided on red so I painted the door red, sanded the edges, and then wiped it with a brown stain. We then took a 2X4 and nailed it to the top of the door. I stained the 2X4 with the same brown stain and then my hubby mounted it to our wall right above our bed. I loved that bed! It was fun, unique, and cheap. Now I have new bedroom furniture which is beautiful but sometimes I think I want to get rid of it just so I can try and think of another bedroom idea! Crazy huh! Anyways check out these pics! If you want to try one and you have questions let me know! This was really one of my most favorite projects!

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