Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craftin with Grandma!

So my crafting buddy (my mama) recently moved many miles away from me, (ok maybe just like 35) but still she used to live right around the corner and let me tell you there were many late night projects going on around here!

A couple of weeks ago the hubman was gone fishing so me and the kiddies went and played with grandma. I was working on some of my own projects and the kiddies wanted to make something with grandma. So grandma came up with these cute bracelets. They are pretty simple so here's how it goes...

First: Cut a rectangle about 2 1/2 inches wide and measure your baby's wrist. Make the length of the rectangle about an inch and half longer then his wrist measurement.
Then: She folded about a half inch over on the width end, like the picture, and ironed it down.

Next:  fold it in half length wise and press it again. She then sewed it together like a tube, with right sides together so that your tube is inside out. She left one short end opened and sewed one end up, so she could turn the bracelet right side out.
Turn the bracelet right side out and sew the other short end closed. Then embellish it however you want. We used this iron on beading and iron on diamond strip for my Madi girls. But we also did a button and a batman for my other two kiddies. There really is no wrong way. let your kids get involved and let them choose.
  Last step is to hand stitch your snaps on both ends so that they can wear these. 

I think these are simple and fun! A great way to get your kids involved. Also I was thinking how cute these would be as those little rattle bracelets for babies. Maybe sew a felt heart or something full of beads for the rattles and just attach the heart to the bracelet. I just might have to try one!
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