Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another version of the Fabric Flower

Sooo I learned how to make these paper flowers  awhile back and as I was sewing for my friends baby girl I needed to make a flower for this little hat. I instantly thought of these paper flowers and thought Heck, fabric would work too right??? Right!! So here's how they turned out!
**Cut weird little scalloped circles out of your fabric. I chose three different fabrics and I folded them like three times and cut them all out at the same time so they would be the exact shape. Remember they don't have to be perfect, that's what makes them unique and fun!

** Next I took two "flower shapes" and sewed the wrong sides together around the edges. This was just so the ugly side of the fabric wasn't showing when we put the flower together. See I told you they don't have to be perfect, pretty ugly shapes huh!

** Next fold your flower petal in half once and then again and stitch right along the bottom. A sewing machine is the quickest for this but you could also hand stitch it.

** Last you are going to just layer your petals all together inside and outside of each other until you get your desired shape. I recommend hand stitching this part because it's easier to shape your flower into what you want it to look like but I took the lazy way out and just hot glued them together. On the back I always glue a felt circle and glue a pin to it so I can attach this baby wherever I want.
** This particular flower is going on a corduroy baby hat. and I think it is fantastic! (I was sad my baby's head was to big to model this!! I guess she is not a newborn anymore!)

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Blogger TNMamaw said...

I love this flower design. So simple but so cute and neat! Thanks for sharing it...

April 14, 2010 at 3:41 PM  

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