Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it is already here! Holy Cow! We hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Because we are pretty much caught up on all our sewing I totally should be washing dishes (Dang dishwasher is broken, I'm trying to figure out a way to break this dish washer too!) or Doing laundry, etc etc etc.....But I'm not and YOU can't make me! So for now I will just drink my Dr. Pepper and introduce you to a new friend and new WINNER!!! Beth Oliver from was the Nov. winner of our Follower of the month. So she is getting one of our fancy dancy elastic scarfs! Yea for Beth Boo!!! for all of you! :) Right??? NO, you will have your chance to win something on Dec. 20th Not sure what it is yet. If we haven't thought of something new, maybe something from the shop, any requests???? Ok enough talking...

This is Beth and her Boys:

She Says:

I am a wife and Mom of two precious boys. I love fashion, shopping, art, crafting and nothing gets my fancy as finding beauty in something ugly. Making old things into new things and vintage finds are just awesome! I have turned my obsessions into a little online boutique to share my eye for fashion and hand crafted jewels with others. I have in my boutique everything a girl could want. Everything from sterling silver and precious gems to designer fun silver plated jewelry. I also carry an assortment of handbags that I carefully pick out myself and would myself and do carry. I from time to time have my own E.G.O. Design handbags for sale as well. I have a selection of unique key chains, handmade and fun beaded gift items perfect for holidays, birthdays or any time you need to lift a girl's spirits.

Some Cute Stuff in Beth's shop:

This Brown Canvas Tote is a fairly large tote made of sturdy canvas with a pocket on the front in patchwork fabric. Very cute for fall and winter. Should hold everything but the kitchen sink kind of bags

This Pretty Pink Necklace is a makeup of pink glass beads, pink tourmaline chips all on a silver chain. Very sweet!

Congrats Beth, we hope you enjoy your scarf as much as we do!!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Cornucopias

Ok so these babies have been made in my family ever sense I was a tiny tot! And I am not gonna lie I have made them a 1000 times and I have watched good old mama D make them a 1000 times and that woman has some mad cornucopia skills! She does it with such ease! I think I burnt myself 20 times tonight!! But once I got the hang of it it wasn't too bad. So I made these little cornucopias for miss Madi's preschool Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. If you want to try some for your family here is all that you do..... (these have always sat by each place setting at our Thanksgiving dinners for the past 30+ years!)

You need: Ice cream cones, cellophane, ribbon, a tea pot, and runts

Put a little bit of water in your pot. At first I put too much and it didn't really work out for me (that's where the burns came in) I'm talking like an inch and a half. And let the water boil.

After the water is boiling, set your cone in the spout and sing a song do a dance whatever you want for about 30-40 seconds. This picture is a little deceiving though. I took my hand off to take the picture but in real life I had to hold the little button so the spout cap wouldn't smush my cone. Your cone should be soft, so you yank it out.

Grab a pencil or pen and roll up the bottom of the cone until it looks like this...

Then you fill that bad boy up with runts (get it the fruit in the cornucopia!) and put cellophane over the top tie a bow around and WALA! For the cellophane I cute circles out and I used zots to kind of hold it in place while I tied my ribbon. Have fun and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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Custom order capes

We had a boutique owner from Fresno call us and want some cooking sets and capes but she NEEDED boy capes and some more brighter colored aprons. We had so much fun with this order. We finally HAD to take the time and design some boy capes. The owner loved the idea of a skeleton I wasn't sure how I felt but as soon as my little Max man saw the skeleton he flipped! HE wanted one soooo bad!! So low and behold just when I thought I had enough cape sewing I will be busy at the machine tonight making one for my little man! Although our shop is closing Wednesday night we decided we'd put them in there for the next two days and just see how they go! The apple cape was for a gal in Texas she has a niece whom they call apple and wanted her to have her very own cape. I love the way this one turned out as well!! Too fun, sometimes it takes awhile to get those creative juices flowing but once they start it is hard to shut down!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

And the follower of the month is.....

Oh wait, you get to all find out on Monday!!!! Winner, you should know by now check your email!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You have until midnight!

I know this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, But little Mia was sporting her dollar store ruffle shirt yesterday and I LOVED it! Had to show you it on her! OK on to the post! So at midnight tonight we will use to pick a winner of a lovely elastic scarf. All that you have to do to be entered is become a follower of this blog! If you are the lucky winner we will contact you and do a little spot light action so be ready to give us all of your deepest darkest secrets!!! :) Good luck to everyone! We will do this the 20th of every month!
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Happy Birthday Emma

We had the cutest mom contact us a month ago and ask to have ten apron sets made for her little girl's birthday party in January. We were so excited, because she was so excited, so last Friday we sewed sewed sewed! We love the way they turned out and we are so excited to see pictures of little Emma's party!!! Happy Birthday!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need your help!

HELP!! Someone has got to know this line of fabric!! I know where I purchased it i just want to call in and see if they still have some before driving out there. Does anyone know the designer or line it came from????

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get a bunch of crafty ladies together AND...

You never know what is going to be created!!!

My friend and I was asked by my church to do a craft night for a bunch of women. She was in charge of those really cute holiday garlands and I was in charge of clothes refashioning. So I pulled inspiration pictures from blogs, etsy shops, and my head and we went to town. I needed some more example pieces for all of the ladies so this afternoon I sat down and added some ruffles to Miss Madi's cardigan and then I just HAD to try Disney's dollar store tutorial! I love how both turned out. But I have to admit the pink waffle shirt is my fave. I didn't know if I believed Disney that you could get thermal wear for a buck a piece and low and behold at your local dollar tree there it was! So this little shirt cost me $2.00 and 20 min of my time!

Look at what these ladies came up with! I love it all!!! Everyone was so excited and so creative. My favorite was little Lauren, her and her mom brought a dress that was too small for her so they cut the top off and made the bottom of the dress into a skirt and then used the top half for a flower pin! Too cute! We need these nights more often!! Thanks ladies I had a blast! I love to see all of our creativity flow!

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Elastic Scarf Tutorial

In October I was out with some Friends and two of the gals I was with found the cutest scarves ever. They were so cute and ever sense then I have just been dying to try and make a scarf. I LOVE the way this turned out! This scarf is truly so simple anyone can make it if you can sew a straight line.

First: Choose your fabric. I chose this crushed green velvet. It was $2.99 a yard and I got a yard and half. This should be enough for 3 scarves.

Next: I took one of my old scarves out and used it as a guide for the width. The secret to this whole scarf is elastic thread! (Love it!! You have got to try it! It is amazing!) Because of the elastic thread I knew I needed to make the scarf wider then normal because the elastic would shrink it. Usually half it's size. I cut my scarf to 12 inches and the elastic thread shrunk it to about 7 1/2

Next: Measure your length. I doubled the length of my guide tie so I had to cut two 12 inch wide pieces and then with right sides together I sewed them together to make one long continuous scarf. It looks really long but the elastic thread brings it right down to the perfect size.

Next: I used a marker and a ruler and I marked a dot right where I wanted my stitching to go. I wanted mine a little wider so on the short ends of the scarf I measured 3 inches apart and on the long sides of the scarf I measured 9 inches. I originally was going to do 3 inches on the sides as well but then as I was sewing I realized I did not want them to be that close. It truly is up to you and what you like.

Then: I just started sewing my straight lines. To use elastic thread all that you do is hand wind the elastic onto your bobbin and then put normal thread on top. I was told not to back stitch with elastic thread, that you tie your ends instead. ( I have back stitched before and it still works, But with this scarf I tied the ends in a knot) I used a piece of tape on my sewing machine to line my fabric up and then I just stitched all the way down long ways first. The I switched to the short sides and did them. I kind of messed up because I got a little inpatient and used white elastic thread out of sheer laziness. I didn't want to go to my mom's to get my black elastic thread and I thought that no one would be able to tell anyways. But I can see it and it bugs me. But not enough to re do it!

After you sew all of your lines you are done! And you have this amazing different then anyone Else's scarf!

I wanted to add a little something something to my scarf and I have been dying to use some of my vintage jewels so I made a flower out of some scraps and put both a pin and hair clip on the back so when it is not on my scarf it will be on my sweater or in my hair. I think this would be an awesome Christmas or birthday gift don't you? Let us know if you try it we would love to see pics!

PS we are thinking follower of the month gets one of these! The follower will be picked randomly on Friday so if you are not following yet do so!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brotherly Love

My brother and his wifey rock! They were garage saling a couple of weeks ago in Boise and ran across this huge box of vintage patterns!! They immediately thought of me and my Ma and bought them for us! I had been waiting for weeks to see them and finally got a hold of them. I LOVE them! I can't wait to make me a few things! Too fun, I love how these patterns are like 50+ years old but yet we see the same styles all over in the fashion world! Can't wait to sew! I know you are all jealous! :)
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Custom Orders

These two capes are for a gal in Canada. She emailed us telling us she wanted these colors and then just told us to go with it!! SCARY!! One thing mama D and I love about our Rosies shop is all of the creativity that is involved! We love trying something new, and this was so much fun redoing our normal cape! These are both now on their way to Canada soon to be slept in, played in, fought in, etc. etc. etc We hope Miss Canada is happy! We sure had fun designing!
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Check out this Cutie!

We love getting pictures back from our shoppers!
And this proud mama from from California did good!!
Isn't he the cutest thing ever!!
I love the nakedness with the bow tie! Too cute!
Thanks Ashley

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

We are still here!

We promise we are still here! We have just been busy busy busy filling orders, for some reason this week has been nuts! Yea for us I guess! So anyways we have a couple of tutorials on their way that we are pretty excited about so check back soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New in the Shop

Mama D and I bought these towells quite awhile ago! We have been dying to make them into something cute and we finally took the time to do it! Yea for us!! So we are adding them to the shop! The set includes a bath wrap for your bathing beauty, a little bag to put her shampoo, lotions, and bubble bath in, and a loofah on a stick! (is that what they call them??) Each towel and bag will have your darlings initial on them. We have pink, blue, Plain white, and a pink and black cheetah print, check them out!!

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