Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Because we are pretty much caught up on all our sewing I totally should be washing dishes (Dang dishwasher is broken, I'm trying to figure out a way to break this dish washer too!) or Doing laundry, etc etc etc.....But I'm not and YOU can't make me! So for now I will just drink my Dr. Pepper and introduce you to a new friend and new WINNER!!! Beth Oliver from http://www.allthingsposhandpretty.com/ was the Nov. winner of our Follower of the month. So she is getting one of our fancy dancy elastic scarfs! Yea for Beth Boo!!! for all of you! :) Right??? NO, you will have your chance to win something on Dec. 20th Not sure what it is yet. If we haven't thought of something new, maybe something from the shop, any requests???? Ok enough talking...

This is Beth and her Boys:

She Says:

I am a wife and Mom of two precious boys. I love fashion, shopping, art, crafting and nothing gets my fancy as finding beauty in something ugly. Making old things into new things and vintage finds are just awesome! I have turned my obsessions into a little online boutique to share my eye for fashion and hand crafted jewels with others. I have in my boutique everything a girl could want. Everything from sterling silver and precious gems to designer fun silver plated jewelry. I also carry an assortment of handbags that I carefully pick out myself and would myself and do carry. I from time to time have my own E.G.O. Design handbags for sale as well. I have a selection of unique key chains, handmade and fun beaded gift items perfect for holidays, birthdays or any time you need to lift a girl's spirits.

Some Cute Stuff in Beth's shop:

This Brown Canvas Tote is a fairly large tote made of sturdy canvas with a pocket on the front in patchwork fabric. Very cute for fall and winter. Should hold everything but the kitchen sink kind of bags

This Pretty Pink Necklace is a makeup of pink glass beads, pink tourmaline chips all on a silver chain. Very sweet!

Congrats Beth, we hope you enjoy your scarf as much as we do!!

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