Saturday, January 23, 2010

Santa's little Helper!

This year Santa Clause pooped this mama out! He needed a little help finishing up a Christmas project for a very cute Little girl, and lets just say that the procrastination in me did not help! But Heck the project was so much fun I can't complain that much! The only sucky part is that Santa gets all the credit for the cuteness, and my little Miss may or may not have "accidentally" seen this hidden in our house!! DANG! at least she believes that we were just storing it for Santa because it wouldn't fit on his sled! and at least she didn't get to actually see it because it was covered with blankets and tarps so it was still kind of a Christmas miracle right???
My sister gave us this old house and it needed a lot of work! But $3.00 and a lot of late night hours, later it was just perfect!
I "wallpapered" each room with scrap book paper and embellished with stickers and brads and buttons! too fun!!
Most of the furniture needed a new paint job but I found that spray paint worked the best for this. And lets be honest we all know by now that I am a little crazy so of course I had tons of spray paint on hand.

I thought that I would be sewing all of the little pillows and bedding but I didn't I took the lazy way out and just used a hot glue gun! I did sew some buttons onto the pillows and I did sew the little rugs together and then clipped the edges and washed them for a rug look! For the bath towells below I cut a white wash cloth and then just sewed a strip of pink rick rac for some extra cuteness.

This has been so much fun for my Madi, she adores it. I love that the total cost for me was $3.00 for some hardwood floor for the kitchen! It's amazing what a little creativity can do!

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Blogger Bobbi said...

You need to come decorate MY house!

January 23, 2010 at 4:47 PM  

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