Friday, January 8, 2010

Helllllooooo 2010!

Yes, Yes, I am alive!! BARELY!! Just Kidding! Christmas was so much fun!! Too much fun especially when you have three little kiddies who are just so dang excited and so dang cute! After my last post I kind of got lost in the excitement of the holidays and enjoying my family and our warm home a little too much! We got to hang out with our families, eat, play games and just enjoy each other! Right after Christmas of course comes the New Year celebrations and also my sweet little Mia's Birthday! Just as soon as we got all of that celebrated I became sick with Strep and it WAS NOT FUN!!! But hopefully I am back! and hopefully the sewing bug will bite me soon and give me some new ideas!! But I wanted to share one quick idea with ya now.

So awhile back I posted about a girl's night out of refashioning clothing. My cute friend DESTRY made this birthday shirt for her little gal with some of my scraps and I JUST had to have one! I figured sense she used my scraps I get to use her creative brains!! So within 20 min I made my little dolly a birthday onesie. I thought it was adorable. I used three different sized rectangles, a piece of Ric rack, and a little piece of yellow. I used wonder under and ironed them to the onesie first and then I stitched around the cake as well. So cute and so fun. It will definitely be placed in her special box.

Another Birthday idea I used was the infamous birthday banners. I REALLY REALLY wanted to make a fabric one but again crazy time of year so I stuck with scrapbook paper and hot glue!! SO MUCH EASIER AND QUICKER!! I LOVE the way it turned out! It measures about 6 1/2 feet long. Each triangle was a bout 6 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long. The fun of this project is that you get to use your creativity a little! ANYTHING will do! I think my Hubby thought I was a little off my rocker when he saw me putting the time and effort into this, but when I explained to him that it can be used over and over again for various birthdays the light came on!! Eventually I want to make each one of my bambinos a fabric birthday banner that will be hung each year on their birthdays and that they can take with them when they get married, but It just didn't happen this year for Mia. Our next birthday is in April so maybe then!!!

Embellishing is the fun part! GO CRAZY!!

I know the picture kind of stinks!!! And how fun would these be for Valentines, Easter, Babies ETC ETC!!

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Blogger Bobbi said...

Very cute Bran'! The bug's not bitin' me much either...soon, very soon! Sorry you've been sick.

January 8, 2010 at 11:48 AM  

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