Saturday, December 5, 2009

A 30+ year tradition...

One of my first memories of crafting is connected to this awesome tradition! Every year sense I was a little girl all of the girl's on my mom's side of the family have made each other a Christmas ornament and have exchanged them on Thanksgiving. This was always the highlight of my Thanksgiving dinner! I could not wait to exchange ornaments and see what everyone had made. As we got older our collections become very large! So we stopped making them for everyone as far as the extended family and we picked up a new tradition of meeting downtown and bringing just one ornament to exchange. The only rule is that the ornament has to have some kind of meaning. I absolutely LOVE this tradition. Every year as I pull out my old ornaments I can't help but laugh or smile as I remember all of the old memories and stories that are attached to each one. This year especially as my sweet Aunt Rea had passed away I couldn't help but think of all of the good memories of her and all of the fun that we had! This year at our dinner she was truly missed but happily remembered. I am so glad to have such amazing women in my family and even more glad that my sweet Madi enjoys this tradition as well.

For my ornament this year I put buttons, needles, pins, and ric rac in a glass ornament. (the pic is not very good!)The younger girls were amazed at my talent!:) And my good old sis said,"It's not that hard you just pop the top off and shove some buttons in!!" SO true so true! Because our ornaments needed some kind of meaning I chose this to show my new found love of sewing. 2009 was the year I learned to love to sew! If you are looking for a simple sentimental ornament to make this is really the way to go, seriously just buy a glass ornament pop the top off and shove whatever you want inside!

Just be careful not to drop it on your tile before you get it wrapped and ready to go!!! Yes some of my cute sis's still have not received theirs! RE DO!!!
Life is Short so Be Nutty! I think the tear jerker of the night goes to this ornament right here. My Sweet Aunt Rea brought this as her last contribution last year and my mom brought it this year in remembrance of her.
An ornament from Rea's tree was passed along and luckily it will belong at our house! I will treasure this ornament forever.



Blogger Erika said...

Geez, Bran! Now I see where my ornament is! I'll be in Utah in 5 better get it mailed quick! :)

December 6, 2009 at 8:56 PM  

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