Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dresser Makeover

First of all seriously, why are all the thrift stores jacking up their prices for all of their junk. Have you guys noticed that? It makes me so mad!! I looked everywhere for a cheap beat up dresser that I could buy for ten bucks max and every time I went to our stinking local thrift store the cheapest ones were like $60 bones!  I was pretty ticked. Finally I asked my mother in law if she had an old one somewhere in her house and she did, why didn't I think of her in the first place. ***Note to self always check with the old people for free junk before paying a fortune for old stinky expensive junk.

 I think the hardest part in any project is getting that vision. But once you have it watch out baby!!
 I couldn't decide on my paper for the longest time.
 And then I chose these. I LOVE the way this turned out.  It is so bright, cheery , and fun!
 I also love the paint color! Alot better then those green on green stripes right???

 Next up curtains! I love love love what I am doing for the curtains, I just need to sew them dang it!!! And also a little old hamper makeover.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garage Sale Chair

In July I bought this chair at a garage sale for $3.00. My original plan was to sand it and restain it a darker color and change out the fabric. It has just been sitting in my front room for months. The original fabric on it was so dirty and ugly. FINALLY this week I took the dang 10 minutes and switched out my fabric, I decided to keep the wood the same color and I really like the way it turned out. Not bad for $3.00!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

give thanks center piece

This month for our little crafty get together with my ma and sisters, we took a tip from TIP JUNKIE and made these EASY fun "give thanks" center pieces!!!
Tip Junkies --->
This is a way easy cheap project. We cut circles from scrapbook paper, and then used sticker letters to spell out various sayings, such as give thanks, bounty, grattitude, gobble etc. You could really use whatever you wanted. My mom and one of my sisters even did sayings on both sides. The sticks are just painted wooden skewers like bbq skewers and the pumpkins were all free from an old patch! Turned out way cuter then I thought they would. I love having it on my table!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I love getting mail!! Especially when it is something good and not another stinkin bill!!! Today I got a big old box of this!!
To make one of these...



So fun huh?!? Mine is going to be "Mia's pet shop"  for my little Mia's Christmas gift, problem is I have a bazillion little projects started!! I NEED to get all caught up so I can begin on all my Christmas projects!! If you want to make one homemadebyjill has an awesome tutorial on her blog HERE or Missprettypretty has patterns and  whole houses that you can buy. They are about $200.00 bucks each (which really with all the hand work and little detail I don't blame her!) But there is no way I can fork out that kind of dough for one, so if its a hit and Mia uses is alot maybe ten years from now when she knows the truth about Mr. Clause I'll bill her for my time and efforts! Until then Mr. Clause enjoy being the hero once again!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recycle your sweaters!

I love the Fall!! I swear everyone becomes more crafty and inspired!! I just had to share these darling sweater vases! So cute! And so Easy!
came up with these and has a tutorial for us too! Go check her out! I am getting pretty behind on my dang project list! I just keep running into ideas that are so darling! I need like a week alone with no kids and no responsibilities, just me  my glue gun, sewing machine, and some fabric!!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

I have a confession...And a Friday Linky

It's actually really funny! A little over a year ago I thought I had this BRILLIANT idea! I was at the park with my kids and I sat there thinking I should start a craft blog. And on the blog I will post all of the crafts I do and instructions for them, then my kids and I will forever have record of what we have done, but also all of my friends can know how to make it all too! I seriously thought I was a genius! I seriously thought I was the only one who had ever thought of such an amazing concept! So I started it and then I started googling craft blogs and searching the Internet! GUESS I AM NOT THAT ORIGINAL with the whole crafting blog idea! HOLY CRAP! I could not believe how many people are out there crafting and blogging! It is insane! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I blog for a creative outlet from my everyday duties as a mama! I blog to create and to be inspired by everyone else's creations! The worst best part about a crafty blog is when you have this great creation idea in your head and you just haven't gotten to it yet and then days later you see it on someone elses blog!!! It ALWAYS amazes me because it makes me realize how we crafty insane ladies all think somewhat alike! It is really so weird I can see a perfect something in my head and then minutes later find a replica on another site and I think did I copy that or did we really both think up the same thing, more or less. Does anyone else do that???So inspire me! Share your blogs and let us all come stop by! Anyone can add their crafty links! If you are up to it add the Friday linky party button to your blog and come back next week too! Happy Crafting!!!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kind of Fun

I am pretty excited I decided to make some prints for my little girl's rooms, and I was messing around tonight and made these. I had seen a very similar striped print like this at a baby boutique by my house and I thought I'd give it a try. Madi just barely moved into her own room and her colors are pink, black, and turquoise. I am having this printed in an 8X10 and I will hopefully find a really fun frame to go with!

Then this is my sweet Mia's I am having this printed in an 11X14 and am hoping to find a great frame as well! I think both will be great for their bare walls!

If anyone is interested I would love to make these prints for you and your babies. Just shoot me an email or leave me a comment. I will insert your child's name for $3.00 and then just email you a jpg copy for you to get printed.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monster rice bag tutorial

I was pretty Bored tonight so I decided to play with some felt! And I came up with a little monster rice bag for my little man to snuggle up in bed with. You know those rice bags that we all have and love, you pop them in the microwave and then they heat up your feet or heal your sore back. Last year for Christmas I made me and a bunch of my girlfriends some, now my little boy just loves it. So I decided I would make him his very own and one that was maybe a little more his style!

This project is way simple, and so fun because there is NO WRONG WAY! and any mess ups don't matter at all because it just adds character to the little guys.  

Step 1. This took the longest for me! Trying to decide the shape of his body! I ended up drawing this shape and you are more then welcome to print it if you want! But really look at it??? NO PERFECTION HERE! just draw some weird shape and you can make it into a monster body!  After you have decided on the shape cut two pieces of that shape out of the felt. I just layered my pieces and cut them at the exact same time.

STEP 2. Next use your other felt pieces and give the guy some personality. Do what ever you please!! One eye, no eye, hair etc.

Step 3. Sew all of your little pieces to the top part of your monster. I have seen this done hand sewn or by machine. I used black thread because I thought the contrast would be a little fun but I don't think I love it! I also tried a new stitch on my machine around the eye balls, again not sure if I love it but whatever, it was fun to try out.

I sewed my little claws up into the body so that when I turned the monster inside out they would stick out... Does that make sense? Look at the pic...
Step 4. Sew right sides together all the way around. I left an opening on his foot to pour in the rice you can leave your opening where you think will be easiest to sew back up or to hide the opening.
Step 5. For some weird reason I store my rice in 2 liter bottles so I already had a funnel shape for the rice stuffing, so you can pour in your rice however you want!! (make a paper funnel or something) But go ahead and fill that bad boy up!
Step 6. Sew up your opening, Plop the guy into the microwave and give him to your buddy to snuggle up to to keep warm! Depending on how big you make your monster depends on how long to keep it in the microwave. For my normal one I usually do 2 min but that was too long for this little guy, I'd say 1 min to 1 1/2 min is good.

I think this is a fun little boy gift idea, I might make them for my little man to give to all of his little buddies. This monster is kind of small, I think next time I will make a bigger one, but this would be great for pocket warmers and just a little warmer for bed! Have fun! Send me pics if you make one!

P.S. what about cute flowers or hearts for girls?? or Valentines gifts!
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Prints for you!

The other day I was at the bus stop with my little girl. Me and the other mama got chatting and she was telling me about her sisters new etsy shop Couture Prints. (which is way way cheap! so you probably should check her out and do a little Christmas shopping!) Anyways my friend was saying how her sister designs different digital prints and then sells them on Etsy. So I went home checked out her shop and thought, Why am I not printing and framing my own prints of random sayings??? So I sat down and made a few, and it was way fun! I have a few saved and I thought what a fun Christmas gift to get printed and framed for a friend or a sister.

Fast forward to the other night, I was blog hopping around and I ran into THIS cute blog and found this SUPER cute Thanksgiving saying!! 

How cute is this??? LOVE it! if you go to her blog she has a PDF format saved for you and you can print your own!! Nice of her! Plus she has tons of other way cute ideas to check out to!

(I have something to admit...Did you know that I had no idea this was a poster from WWII??? Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II,  it was intended to raise the morale of the British public under the threat of invasion. It was little known and never used. It was rediscovered in 2000 and now printed all over, for decorations I have seen it in TJMAX, Ross, and tons of etsy shops! Kind of interesting huh? Now that I know the history I like it even much more! )

Anyways! So my question is what kind of creative computer programs do you use to scrap book, edit etc??? I WISH I had photo shop but I don't, and even if I did, I am not sure I have the brains to figure that baby out!!! SO I use Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. I bought it for ten bucks a couple of years ago and I LOVE it! I use it for everything. Invitations, cards, name tags, paper dolls, crafts, all kinds of things. In fact after I saw miss craftily Ever afters print, and even though she was giving it to us for free fifty free, I still wanted to try one out and see how close I could get...

Pretty close, but I am loving her turkey way better!
So what do you use??? 
Is there some awesome program out there that I am totally missing out on?

When I saw how awesome Jessica was at CrafitlyEverAfter for giving us all free access to her art I decided I would add a PDF file of one of my own. I chose this one...

 because I think it takes courage to share your ideas and talents with everyone! It's scary putting yourself out there! So I am thinking this would be cute printed, matted, and framed as a little reminder to share what you got!!!

Thanks Jessica and Couture Prints for giving me a little inspiration!

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Good bye toy room!

Last year, after some good garage sale hunting my daughter and I made over our toy room! It was so much fun, because this was the toy room who cares how it really turned out right??? I just wanted it to be bright and fun and a place for the kids to just play! I didn't want to spend a fortune because I knew it wouldn't be a toy room for too long and it was a kids room it wouldn't be long before boogers were wiped all over the place milk was spilled. The room served it's purpose wonderfully, but now it is GONE! yep gone! All toys have been moved into the basement because big sis and little sis were just too sick of sharing! (or mom was too sick of the two of them waking each other up!) So now it has been repainted and is awaiting some garage sale finds new furniture and curtains, which I need a little energy to get done! So for now enjoy these pics of our old toy room and look forward to the new bedroom, if I ever get it around to it!

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